March 18, 2024

Enclosure Machining and Assembly Services

Complementing our established enclosure product range, we have a dedicated facility for enclosure customisation including CNC machining and assembly to prepare your enclosures for immediate installation once on site.

Our capabilities include machining of cut-outs and finishes for added enclosure performance or aesthetics, followed by assembly of electronic components for a complete control system.

We will either manufacture to customer drawings, or our experienced engineers can offer a comprehensive designing, drawing, and testing service to ensure the final product will meet your requirements.

Services Available:

  • Tapping
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Holes
  • Cut-outs
  • Slots
  • Louvers
  • Studs
  • PEM’s
  • Stand-offs
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Windows
  • Handles

Finishes Available:

  • Painting
  • Powder Coat
  • Nylon Coat
  • Engraving
  • Silk Screening
  • Chromate
  • Anodise
  • Labels
  • Custom Colours
  • Chemical Treatments


We can fully populate your enclosure with a wide range of components to prepare the enclosure for installation. Read more about our assembly service here.

Case Study

Emergency Care Equipment: A manufacturer of powered ambulance trolley systems contacted us about an upgrade of the trolley's control panels. Alpha 3 engineers were able to produce a bespoke solution incorporating our EMC testing and electronic box assembly capabilities.

Next Steps

Search our enclosure ranges for the type and size you require, then download the attached CAD model for integration into your software. Once you have a completed design, send it across to our team for a quotation. Alternatively, speak to our team about your requirements and we can work with you to design and build a complete system that meets your objectives.

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. Even if the service you need is not listed, we may still be able to help.
Phone: +44 (0)1724 273211 Email:

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