We enable our industrial customers through the supply of robust, tailored electronic solutions which achieve three key objectives; increased efficiency, improved performance, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

From industrial automation and packaging technology to trackside power, we provide solutions including:

  • Bespoke cable harnesses
  • Control panel builds
  • EMC filters with pre-compliance testing capabilities
  • Custom enclosures
  • Heavy duty connectors

Our Capabilities

Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference

We have a dedicated on-site laboratory for pre-compliance testing and bespoke EMC filter development, alongside a wide range of off-the-shelf EMC filters. Our experienced engineers can help you select a suitable product that meets emission limits and industry regulations.

Interconnection Solutions

As an interconnection solutions specialist, we design and manufacture bespoke assemblies ranging from small gauge wires used in fine electronic applications to complex cable assemblies for applications such as switchgear, instrumentation, and machinery. Speak to us about your interconnection challenge, and we will design, test, and manufacture a bespoke solution.  

Complete Control Systems

Whether you require small-wall mounted box assemblies, panel builds or fully enclosed cabinets, our dedicated facility is set up for the manufacture of control systems. If you have specific project requirements, our engineers will optimise your design to deliver the best solution.

Safeguard Critical Components

Increase the longevity of your equipment by using our die-cast aluminium enclosures to house critical components. Including ingress-protected enclosures and heavy-duty options, we have a wide selection available under our renowned Deltron Enclosures brand. Additionally, choose our on-site machining, customisation, and assembly services to receive enclosures ready for immediate installation.

Our Projects

Industrial Printing:
We are currently supporting high-quality label and packaging printing with our cable assembly solutions. Alpha 3 designed and currently manufactures conduits which transfer the ink through the printing press at high-speed, enabling an outstanding and consistent printing solution.

Transportation: Helping residents and visitors of Paris to travel with ease, we used our enclosure assembly capabilities for the display of live bus transportation information. Alpha 3 engineers worked with the customer to design and machine our robust ingress-protected enclosures, achieving clear display information for transport users whilst ensuring protection from environmental elements.

Rail: Our EMC services were recently utilised for the development of a trackside induction heating system which was failing EMC emissions tests. As the application was unique, Alpha 3 engineers designed a bespoke EMC filter which passed emissions tests and improved the performance of the system.

How can we support your project?

For more information, please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0)1724 273200 or by emailing sales@alpha3manufacturing.com

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These industries are supported with a unique breadth of capabilities in design and manufacturing, delivering solutions including cryogenic, vacuum and radiation-hardened harnesses, encapsulated harnesses for harsh environments, electromechanical assemblies, and the development of bespoke EMC compliance solutions with an onsite laboratory.