Cryogenic Cable Projects

Cryogenic Assemblies

To facilitate scientific research which can change the way we explore, work and live, we design and manufacture cryogenic cable assemblies to enable effective operation in temperatures and vacuum environments from 300 Kelvin (26° Celsius) to 4 millikelvin (-273° Celsius) and vacuum ranges up to ultra-high vacuum (UHV).

Supporting ground-based observatories, cryogenic chambers, cryostat applications, and space exploration systems, we employ a range of innovative interconnection technologies to meet customer requirements, AS9100D standards, and NASA regulations.

An advanced consultation service is provided by our cryogenic division, offering expert advice and guidance through the design process.


Our Technologies

Shielding Solutions
Determining the shielding termination specification may require distinction between 0V returns, chassis grounds and faraday shielding. For all connector types, both circular and rectangular, we can provide 360-degree RFI/EMC shielding using our range of encapsulated back shells. By design, we can reduce the pin count and therefore mass, by introducing a busbar to pull up individual grounds or return lines to terminate to dedicated pin or connector shells.

Constructions are available in silver-plated copper, stainless steel, manganin, constantan and phosphor bronze. We can configure cable assemblies with a wide range of shielding constructions including:

- Individually Shielded Wires
- Single Wires
- Twisted Pairs
- Twisted Triples
- Twisted Quads


Eliminating Connectors
We are able to reduce the size and weight of assemblies by eliminating bulky feedthrough connectors. Our design team can provide solutions to seal ribbon cables in the feedthrough itself saving crucial space, reducing weight and eliminating the risk of component failure.


Space Saving and Weight Reduction
Take advantage of our innovative space-saving solutions such as woven ribbon cables which are lightweight, flexible, and manufactured in a flat, compact format. The ability to weave wire as small as .1mm in diameter allows us to build 100 wires into an assembly measuring just 25.4mm by .6mm.  

Vacuum Solutions
To ensure our assemblies perform effectively in the vacuum of space and meet the stringent requirements of NASA we use polyether ether ketone (PEEK) for ultra-high vacuum environments. PEEK is not only highly resistant to radiation, chemicals, and wear but also has very low off-gassing meeting the permissible limits. Alpha 3 can perform in-house vacuum leak testing using automatic test equipment.


Thermal Solutions
We can control heat generation with several different options consisting of copper heatsinks strategically bonded to our ribbon cable assemblies with thermal epoxy. Thermalisation can also be achieved through the epoxy backshells and positioned either through the connector flange or a braid strap to a heat stage ground plan.


We can select from a wide range of wire materials to suit your requirements, including copper, manganin, NbTi, CuNi, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, beryllium copper, ALI30, and more.

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