Cable Harnessing Overview

Utilising technologies developed exclusively by Alpha 3 Manufacturing, we deliver bespoke cable harnesses for the industrial, space, aerospace, medical, military and defence sectors.

By employing proven technologies combined with the extensive industry knowledge held by our onsite engineering team, we design unique interconnection solutions. Design, drawing, and testing services are included to develop a complete solution that meets your exact requirements.

Our Technologies

Teksol – A ruggedised flexible encapsulation for extreme environments, guaranteeing high performance and durability of vital cable harnesses.

Cable Weaving – Valued for the ability to fit a large number of wires into a compact format whilst increasing their tensile strength and flexibility.

Bespoke Overmoulding – To increase the longevity of cable harnesses and connectors in heavy-use environments.  


High Specification Harnessing  

For mission-critical applications in military, defence, and avionics, we design and develop advanced interconnection systems that conform to AS9100D specifications. Our unique capabilities of cable weaving, rugged encapsulation and Computaweave technologies have been specifically designed to guarantee dependable performance in the most challenging of environments. Click here for more information.


Commercial and Industrial Harnessing

Harnessing solutions for customers looking to source high-quality fine electronics or complex assemblies, particularly for communications, security, medical, or industrial applications. We provide build-to-print assemblies, or you can take advantage of our design consultancy services to develop a new system or improve an existing design with the support of our experienced engineers. Click here for more information.  


  • 50+ Years Of Experience
  • AS9100D Certification
  • .1mm Wire Weaving Capability
  • Two 40,000 sq. ft. UK manufacturing facilities

How can we support your interconnection project?

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