We can provide bespoke electronics solutions to guarantee optimal performance for specialised high performance automotive platforms.

Alpha 3 Manufacturing designs and builds bespoke cable harnesses, electronic enclosures, and EMC solutions for the automotive industry. We can provide a complete solution to address your interconnection challenges through the design, test and manufacturing phases of your project.  

Our recent automotive applications include:

  • Engine Management Harnesses
  • Hybrid Regenerative Systems
  • ABS and Traction Control
  • Multi-way Signal Distribution Box
  • Brake Sensor Harnesses
  • Machined Enclosures

Our Technologies

Reduce Space and Weight

Take advantage of our innovative space-saving solutions such as woven ribbon cables which are lightweight, flexible, and manufactured in a flat, compact format. The ability to weave wire as small as .1mm in diameter allows us to build 100 wires into an assembly measuring just 25.4mm by .6mm with increased tensile strength.

Heat and Vibration Resistance

Our specialist overmoulding solutions protects wiring and connectors from oils, heat, and vibration guaranteeing performance and longevity. Overmoulding can also be used to form specific connector shapes, ensuring the connector remains in position whilst also being flexible enough to be installed in constrained spaces.

Fuel Efficiency

Re-generative and electric energy systems are the future of the automotive industry. Our assemblies are used in multiple powertrain applications.

Our Projects

Supercar Development: A renowned automotive manufacturer aimed to develop 275 vehicles for the prestigious supercar market, all based on a 2016 Formula 1 car. Alpha 3 worked closely with the manufacturer’s design team to build a premium engine control system.

Formula 1: A Formula 1 racing team approached us to support the development of pit lane vehicle monitoring equipment. We provided multiple assemblies to collect live data via radio frequency, allowing the team to monitor engine efficiencies during races. The cables were specially designed to withstand long-range data transmission in areas with high levels of noise.

Rally Car Constraints: In motorsport, space-saving and weight reduction can be key factors in securing a win. When a current cable was causing constraint issues in a rally car, our engineers designed a bespoke harness which transitioned from flat to round at certain points within the vehicle for an improved fit that didn’t interfere with other components.

How can we support your project?

For more information, please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0)1782 254738 or by emailing sales@alpha3manufacturing.com

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These industries are supported with a unique breadth of capabilities in design and manufacturing, delivering solutions including cryogenic, vacuum and radiation-hardened harnesses, encapsulated harnesses for harsh environments, electromechanical assemblies, and the development of bespoke EMC compliance solutions with an onsite laboratory.