A trusted provider of tailored electronic solutions for research equipment and health monitoring devices.

Our specialist technologies underpin durable assemblies which are relied upon to provide accurate results time and again; helping healthcare professionals provide life-saving diagnoses, procedures, and treatments.  

At our UK facilities, we design and manufacture a range of electronic and electrical solutions suitable for medical equipment, including bespoke cable harnesses, electromechanical solutions, and EMC filters complemented by a pre-compliance EMC testing laboratory and experienced engineers.

Alpha 3 Manufacturing has provided solutions for many applications including:

  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Digital Imaging Systems
  • ECG Harnesses
  • X-ray Harnesses
  • Powered Patient Trollies
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • MRI Scanners
  • Cancer Diagnostics

Our Capabilities

Accuracy and Dependability

We design and manufacture bespoke wiring harnesses to meet customer and industry requirements. All assemblies are 100% tested ensuring accurate results for monitoring and diagnostic equipment.

Safeguarding Professionals and Patients

We manufacture a range of EMC filters designed with low leakage specifically for medical applications that meet medical industry standards. Thus ensuring the protection of medical professionals and patients.

Design and Build to Industry Standards

We are experienced in working to industry standards throughout the design and production stages of the product lifecycle. For medical applications, we can meet regulations including FDA standards, ISO 13485, and more.

Our Projects

Emergency Care Equipment: A manufacturer of powered ambulance trolley systems contacted us about an upgrade of the trolley's control panels. Alpha 3 engineers were able to produce a bespoke solution incorporating our EMC testing and electronic box assembly capabilities.

Digital Pathology: Alpha 3 is dedicated to improving lives by partnering with laboratory solution providers to develop high-quality, high-speed diagnostic equipment. Our cable assemblies are currently used in digital pathology for cancer diagnosis equipment such as slide scanners and microscopes.

Health Monitoring: Our ability to mould connectors in any colour allowed the customer to customise and specify their requirements for consistent sets of monitoring sensors. These are used throughout the medical profession to allow swift and accurate observation of patient heartbeat, pulse and temperature.  

How can we support your project?

For more information, please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0)1782 254738 or by emailing sales@alpha3manufacturing.com

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These industries are supported with a unique breadth of capabilities in design and manufacturing, delivering solutions including cryogenic, vacuum and radiation-hardened harnesses, encapsulated harnesses for harsh environments, electromechanical assemblies, and the development of bespoke EMC compliance solutions with an onsite laboratory.