Connecting Solutions; Underground to Outer Space

Today’s modern world is full of innovative ideas that will improve how we live and work. From deep space exploration to life-saving medical equipment and recreational high-performance vehicles; all require electronic or electrified systems to function effectively.

Alpha 3 Manufacturing uses its specialised harnessing capabilities to support technology enablers to push boundaries, explore opportunities, and connect the world for the next generation

Selected Achievements

  • Development, supply and processing of a unique flexible elastomer coating, Teksol, for use in harsh environments
  • Ability to weave wire as small as .1mm (That’s as thin as a single strand of hair!)
  • Continuous development of internal processes, in keeping with the AS9100 standard
  • We have supported many mission-critical projects – Did you know our cable assemblies reside on the James Webb Space Telescope?
  • Approved supplier of choice for many blue-chip companies for over forty years


Alpha 3 Manufacturing incorporates several well-known brands which have been amalgamated into the business; some as early as 2007 when Alpha 3 was established, and others later.

Combined, this allows us to provide a wealth of experience and capabilities for customer applications, enabling crossover of ideas and solutions to achieve seamless product fits for our customers’ requirements.

Alpha 3 Manufacturing is home to the following brands:

Tekdata Interconnections – Established in 1969

Known as our site in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, this facility specialises in bespoke cable assemblies.

Tekdata Cryoconnect – Established in 1997

Our division which focuses on low-temperature detector systems for the space sector.

Roxburgh EMC – Established in 1969

EMC filters, designed and manufactured at Alpha 3 Manufacturing in Scunthorpe, UK

Deltron Enclosures – Established in 1946

Electronic enclosures manufactured at Alpha 3 Manufacturing in Scunthorpe, UK

Deltron Components – Established in 1946

Audio connectors and components, manufactured at Alpha 3 Manufacturing in Scunthorpe, UK

BES – Established in 1982

Patching products for the broadcast industry, manufactured at Alpha 3 Manufacturing in Scunthorpe, UK

What We Do

Alpha 3 Manufacturing partners with customers in the space, aerospace, defence, medical and industrial markets, to provide complex harnesses and electromechanical solutions for critical applications.

These industries are supported with a unique breadth of capabilities in design and manufacturing, delivering solutions including cryogenic, vacuum and radiation-hardened harnesses, encapsulated harnesses for harsh environments, electromechanical assemblies, and the development of bespoke EMC compliance solutions with an onsite laboratory.

  • Bespoke Cable Harnesses
  • Cryogenic Harnesses
  • Box and Panel Build Assemblies
  • Sealed Enclosures including onsite machining
  • EMC Filters and pre-compliance EMC testing