Sustaining the Energy Sector

August 14, 2022

Energy companies have a crucial role in helping to keep the world moving; power is a resource we all rely on, and any downtime can result in severe consequences.

Alpha 3 Manufacturing can support the energy industry with critical electronic components such as wiring harnesses, EMC filters, control panels, and enclosures for numerous applications, from CCTV and gas flow measurement to solar power generation and energy storage.

With the focus on changing to a cleaner and more sustainable future, Alpha 3 Manufacturing is supporting projects in existing markets and technologies, as well as helping to provide solutions in new and developing technologies, including hydrogen and solar energy.

Cable Assemblies

Bespoke assemblies can be designed and manufactured to your requirements. We can produce wiring for harsh environments such as pressure measurement at high temperatures or sealed cable harnesses for underwater remotely operated vehicles. With tooling capabilities, we can also design and manufacture bespoke connectors and backshells to ensure harnesses are protected against adversity.

Control Cabinets and Electromechanical Builds

Whether it is a front panel assembly, or an enclosure complete with connectors and LV switchgear, we offer a flexible service tailored to your requirements. We can supply a wide range of assemblies including control cabinets and panels, modular builds and box builds, test boxes and equipment, plus PLC/HMI.

EMC Filters

All electrical equipment requires consideration of electromagnetic compatibility; we can provide standard industrial filters such as high-performing and high-voltage filters for solar inverters, plus we can design and manufacture custom filters for unique applications. We also have a pre-compliance EMC testing laboratory where we can perform conducted, radiated, and harmonic emissions tests.


We stock a range of enclosures to ensure electronic equipment stays operational when subject to harsh environments where moisture and dust are present. Therefore, they are suitable for the energy industry where they can be placed outdoors, on offshore rigs, or used on underwater robots. We also offer machining and box build services to prepare your enclosure for immediate termination once on site.

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