Roxburgh EMC filters up-rated to UL1449 Third Edition

DEM Manufacturing has uprated its MIF range of EMI filters in line with the Standard UL 1449 Third Edition, six months ahead of the standard coming into force, ensuring these components offer superior surge and transient protection with immediate effect.


The focus of UL 1449 Third Edition has been on assuring the safety of products including filters which mainly use fixed clamping components such as MOVs (metal oxide varistors) and SADs (silicon avalanche diodes) as their primary surge suppression component.

The MIF range which incorporate surge protection now utilise only the higher grade ‘PC’ type varistors for permanently connected applications and therefore will afford superior protection from the damaging effects of indirect lightning strikes, surges and transients.

The single-phase MIF and three-phase MIF3 are high performance EMI filter ranges offering multi-stage filtering, and suitable for applications with a long cable length between the drive and the motor. MIF has a 250V current rating, is offered with 3-32A current ratings and is footprint mounted. MIF3 has a voltage rating up to 520V, is offered with 4-400A current ratings and is dual mounted (flat and book-end). Both ranges are are approved to EU UL Fifth Edition, and Canadian Standards.

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