Our Best Box Just Got Better

Deltron Enclosures' Corrosion and Impact Resistant series has been improved, and as a superior box deserves a superior name, we are delighted to introduce the Fortis Enclosure Range.


The combination of a premium alloy with outstanding corrosion resistance, an enhanced painting process and excellent impact protection, offers the longest lasting protection on the market yet over the combined effects of water, impact and corrosive environments.

Tom Downing, Product Manager at Deltron Enclosures commented: “The Fortis range offer the same form and fit as the market leading thick wall cast aluminium enclosures but with extra durability and corrosion resistance due to the low copper content in the alloy. Galvanic effects between copper and aluminium increase the speed of corrosion, so a lower copper content leads to slower corrosion of the aluminium; this series contains less than 0.1% copper content, whilst most on the market contain 3% to 4%.

“We expect the enclosures to enter the market through high specification designs where the IP68 seal and corrosion resistance are vital; such as environments with high levels of electrolytes, including marine, agricultural or buried applications, or in areas where the enclosure is susceptible to knocks."

In addition to the improved alloy, a salt spray test simulated prolonged periods in a corrosive environment and although the enclosures are certified for resistance up to 1000 hours, the test actually went on a further 18 weeks before being stopped, and the box was still not corroded. Furthermore, all IP testing was carried out after impact testing to verify that the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly.

The enclosures also boast reusable seals which will withstand up to 200 compressions or uses; many on the market are single use and not environmentally friendly. Multiple sizes are also available in grey, black or red.

Click here to view our IP66 or IP68 Fortis Enclosure Datasheets and download 3D CAD models.

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