Did you know? We can meet your injection moulding requirements

Deltron Enclosures' high-tech injection moulding machines allow us to produce a multitude of consistent high quality products, whilst increasing efficiency and decreasing price.


We can use custom compound materials and perform insert and over moulding, meaning the product possibilities are endless. We also have excellent lead times, and very competitive prices. Some of the products we have produced in the past are clips, brackets, gears, electrical connectors, bottle caps, enclosures, packaging and tie wraps. Our capabilities are extensive across numerous industries, and our skilled engineers can support you from concept through to design and manufacture, they can also offer design advice and 3D drawing support, if required. We can also use our 3D printer to produce a prototype so you can be confident that the end product will be the right fit and suitable for purpose.

Deltron Enclosures recently invested in a new top of the range Wittmann Battenfeld injection moulding machine, which offers a more controlled process and has increased productivity by 50%. We also offer high levels of product consistency alongside our in-house tooling capabilities for repairs and maintenance, with toolmakers in the UK and offshore to suit all requirements. We can also re-site your current production tooling for ongoing production at our site. Our process is environmentally friendly, as product allowing the scrap plastic generated during production is reground and re-used, generating little waste. We can use a variety of materials, some of which consist of single materials or compounds including ABS, ABS and Polycarbonate blend, PET and Polycarbonate blend, Nylon 6/66, Santoprenes, plus special blend flexible PVC’s, conductive and more.

All products produced will be certified to BS EN 60529:1992 and ISO: 9001:2015.
We can also offer UL certification on request.

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