3D Downloads for Deltron Enclosures

Saving time seems to be a major objective for design engineers and with this in mind...


... all of our Deltron Enclosures range of die cast boxes are now available to download in the industry standard STEP file format.  Simply download the die cast enclosure file from our website, place in position on your own drawing or product and the job is done. 

As it’s a 3D model of a die cast box it can be edited to show machining details and quickly transform new ideas into great products, making quick manufacturing-ready drawings and data.  Our 3D STEP files are solid models and therefore the die cast enclosures have properties such as weight, density and centre of gravity.

Take this a step further, and we offer 3D printing capabilities which allow us to create a 3D model for that first off / rapid prototype aluminium enclosure for design approval.

And if you need it, we offer a full customisation service for all die cast aluminium enclosures including machining and finishing – just give us a call and let us show you how we can help simplify the purchasing process of buying and customising aluminium enclosures.


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