CTL Manufacturing supports the Gloucestershire T Day Appeal 2013


CTL supports the Gloucestershire T Day Appeal every year and in May 2013 sent the organisers a cheque for £800.00, our largest sum ever!

Throughout the year we organise fundraising events like raffles, occasional non-uniform days and “Cake” days.  The “Alternative Christmas Raffle” was very popular this year, held in January with staff donating unwanted chocolates and alcohol.

All the money collected for T Day is shared between three local Gloucestershire children´s charities - The Spring Centre (www.springcentre.org), the James Hopkins Trust (www.jameshopkinstrust.org.uk), and the National Star Centre (www.natstar.ac.uk).

The photo shows Trudy Hughes (third from left), our main co-ordinator for T Day, along with some of our fundraising colleagues at CTL.

Here´s to T Day in May 2014!