Roxburgh EMC portable inline PMF filters

Roxburgh EMC increases range of inline EMC noise filters


Roxburgh EMC are pleased to introduce the new PMF16, a 16 Amp inline EMC / EMI noise filter with built-in surge suppression. The new filter joins the PMF6 (6 Amp) and PMF10 (10 Amp) in the growing high performance portable mains filter family.

Recognised industry-wide for its ease of use, reliability and affordability, the filters are well suited to PCs, electronic point of sale (EPOS) units and broadcast equipment, the PMF´s IEC inlet makes the unit quick and easy to integrate into existing systems. The unit´s unique built-in surge suppression protects equipment from voltage spikes and other electrical interference.

The PMF16 has a rated voltage of 240V and a rated current of 16A @ 40C. It operates at 50/60Hz in a temperature range of -25 to 85.